Save The Royal Mail – that was the clear message from postal workers and managers to Parliament afternoon to  Parliament – as  their unions joined together to lobby MP’s against the deeply unpopular sell-off planned by government.

Postal workers from the Communication Workers Union have voted overwhelmingly to oppose privatisation. There have been a good few Save Our Royal Mail leaflets handed out by Royal mail employees over the last week as part of the People United tour.

Chris was among Bristol postman who handed out leaflets in the city centre a few days ago, when the People United bus parked up by the waterside.“ We’ve got to oppose this sell off to preserve the postal service for the British public.” said Chris, who planned to travel to today’s lobby. “We are getting a lot of support”

The CWU has voted overwhelmingly to oppose the planned sell-off, which could happen as earlier as this Autumn if the government gets its way. Managers and senior manages organised by Unite CMA were down in London today, alongside their postal worker colleagues, urging  local MP’s to keep the Royal Mail public.  If you care about the future of the Royal Mail, get involved and join the Facebook campaign and write to your MP. It will be too late if the sell off goes ahead.