Our NHS is 65

In two short days the People United 2-week road show ends in Urmston Greater Manchester with an NHS party in the park to celebrate the 65th birthday of our brilliant NHS.Where better to mark the 65th year of this country’s greatest social achievement then at the place where it all began – Trafford General Hospital. [...]


George and Kim summed up Leeds for me. A couple in their early twenties both working in a fast food restaurant they said that they  don’t understand how Cameron thinks what he’s doing is good for the country? This was after concerns were express about how unequal Britain is getting and how they and their [...]

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Save The Royal Mail

Save The Royal Mail – that was the clear message from postal workers and managers to Parliament afternoon to  Parliament – as  their unions joined together to lobby MP’s against the deeply unpopular sell-off planned by government. Postal workers from the Communication Workers Union have voted overwhelmingly to oppose privatisation. There have been a good [...]

Middlesbro Community Question Time

Tax credits – what’s not to like?  More money in the pockets of the low paid.  Helping families where there’s not much coming in. Taking the edge off poverty pay. But hang on – why on earth should the taxpayer have to stump up to give people employed by highly profitable companies a half-decent wage? [...]

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Your Views

The People United bus tour is traveling across the country helping real people get heard by those in power. We have all been adding our ideas to the Peoples Manifesto and here are some  additions from the tour.   Click the buttons below to share and grow the movement     



Did you know the phone boxes in Hull are cream? The People United bus team do now too. Although we never quite got the bottom of it, it?s got something to do with the service provider. It has probably also got a lot to do with Hull, out here on the edge of England.  Proud [...]


Grimsby was once the herring capital of Europe, indelibly linked with the fishing industry, so much so rumour has it the town was named after Grim, a Danish fisherman. In the 1950?s Grimsby was the busiest fishing port in the world.  Although still a prominent part of the town’s heritage it is evident fishing has [...]

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Bristol Question Time

It’s not often that a group of citizens try to take on a huge corporation – but then Stokes Croft in Bristol is not just anywhere. In what’s sometimes known as The People’s Republic of Stokes Croft, the people weren’t that keen on Tesco moving in a few years back. There was a vigorous high [...]


Lincoln blog

Today the big turquoise bus met the beautiful city of Lincoln.  Under the watch of the historic Lincoln Cathedral there’s the harsh truth of Cameron’s Britain. People in Lincoln are facing hard times they told us. Whether the young civil servant unsure about job security,  a hard working single mum who can’t believe she’s been [...]

People United

Plymouth (Bus 2)

Plymouth is already hurting. People who’ve never claimed benefit are turning to the city’s two food banks. Ever-spiraling pay day loans are leaving many more with debts they can never clear. And many more look like heading that way when the unemployed have to wait seven days before claiming. George Osborne’s latest cuts, announced yesterday [...]